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Our Company

We founded Nenningers Naturals in 2008 with a single word in mind “choice”.  We advocate that everyone should have safe, natural choices available to them to maintain good health.  Having experienced the powerful healing effects of homeopathy in our own lives we wanted to share that knowledge with others.  Through innovation and education our goal is to provide effective homeopathic formulas that help our customers safely manage their health and the well-being of their families.

Our products are developed by Dr. Nenninger, a naturopathic physician who understands the art and science of homeopathy – from sourcing the best natural ingredients to carefully formulating the product.  From our first days, we set the quality standard for our products with a simple question, “Would we give this product to our own children?”  If the answer is yes, then we know we have made the right decision.  Because we think about our customers as we do our own families, we continually invest in our products to insure that the quality is superior.

Today, we partner with health care practitioners, retail chains, independent stores and specialty catalogs across the United States and the United Kingdom that share our passion for innovation and education.  We continue to have a loyal following of customers who give us valuable feedback on our products and company.  Our greatest pleasure is hear how grateful customers are to have safe and effective choices that allow them to stay well and enjoy life.

Judy Damore, Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Dr. Steve Nenninger, Chief Medical Officer & Founder