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“Triple Flu Defense is selling really well in the store.”  —Karen, St. James Nutrition  11/29/19

“We love your stuff so much we need to order again.”  —Alive Naturally, Michigan  9/25/18

“When I was pregnant with my first child I had the flu.  Within one day of taking Triple Flu Defense I was fine.”
—Dr. Diana Lopusny, Pediatrician  9/8/18

“I have customers who cannot live without it.”  —Christine, Health Coach  8/27/18

“I think your homeopathic products are the best.”  —Jonathan Holasek, LAc

“We have used Dr. Nenninger’s Triple Flu Defense formula 
in our clinic for the past four 
flu seasons. I am convinced now more than ever that 
this product is of inestimable value. I recommend it to all my patients.”
Dr. Peter D’Adamo, ND & Author

“My patients absolutely love your Triple Flu Defense.”
Patti Safian, 
Licensed Acupuncturist

“Over the last several years, TFD has become an integral part of my health routine. As an acupuncturist, I am constantly exposed to all sorts of cold and flu symptoms from those I treat. I find that I am able to care for my patients with great confidence knowing that I have TFD at the ready!”
Karen E. Giles, MAc, LAc

“I used it myself and it worked great! I recommend it to all my patients.”
Dr. Ann Maugeri

“Triple Flu Defense is a much needed solution for my patients. Thank you for bringing Triple Flu Defense to my patients and family. We are all extremely grateful.”
Dr. Doni Wilson, ND 
& President of NYANP

“I have used Triple Flu Defense for 3 years. I am an RN with a Masters in Integrative Health and I have been impressed with your product and continue to recommend it to others. Thanks for a great product.”
Mary, Registered Nurse

“The flu defense is such a hit that patients are clamoring for the allergy product.”
Dr. Denise Long, ND, 3/31/14



“I have been very happy.  I really appreciate all you do.”  —Diane, Massachusetts  5/11/20

“It’s a miracle.  Thank you so much.”  —Maria, New York  4/30/20

“I am 77 years old.  Triple Flu Defense is an amazing product.  Thank you for all the good work you do.  I sing your praises to everyone I know.”  —Barbara, New York  4/29/20

“Triple Flu Defense works wonderfully.  Keep up the good work.”  —Lois, New York  4/14/20

“We think very highly of your products.  We use both the allergy and flu.”  —Victor, New York 4/14/20

“I really like Triple Flu Defense.  You have been very helpful.”  —Lois, Pennsylvania  4/9/20

“I am very pleased.  I’ve used your product for years.”  —Dianne, Massachusetts 4/6/20

“I know this stuff works!”  —Ginger, New Jersey  3/27/20

“Thank you for the work you do.”  —Tonia, Virginia  3/27/20

“We love your flu defense.  We have been using it for several years.  So grateful you make this product.”  —Sally, California  3/23/20

“I will soon be 93.  I feel like I owe you a great debt. Thank you.”  —Norma, New Jersey  3/20/20

“I am a big believer.  I’ve been using Dr. Nenningers Triple Flu Defense since it first came out.”  —Karen, New York  3/18/20

“It is working wonderfully for my husband.”  —Lois, New York  3/18/20

“I’ve been getting Triple Flu Defense since 2012.  It really works.”  —Teresa, North Carolina  3/16/20

“Triple Flu Defense definitely helped.  I am feeling better.”  —Annette, New York  3/13/20

“I really believe in Triple Flu Defense.”  —Loretta, Tennessee  3/12/20

“Thank you.  I am so grateful for your Triple Flu product.”  —Alyssa, Nebraska  3/9/20

“I cannot tell you how grateful we are for you, your products and all your help.  Have a good day and thanks from the heart.”  —Pat, Minnesota  3/4/20

“Triple Flu Defense sure has worked for me!”  —Marcia, Georgia  3/2/20

“Triple Flu Defense is a wonderful product.  My son was sick with Influenza B.  I started to get chills and body aches but it never progressed.  My symptoms went away within a day.  I am so happy I found your product! —Mom from Connecticut  2/26/20

“Thank you for a beautiful product.”  —Value Nutrition, New York  1/23/20

“I’ve used Triple Flu Defense for many years.  Love it!”  —Jennifer, North Carolina  1/20/20

“I have been using your products for years.  Thank goodness you are around.”  —Hilda, Florida  1/14/20

“I am spreading the word because this really works for me.  Also, gave Triple Flu Defense to my niece; she loves it too.”  —Meena, New York  1/13/20

“I am 88 years and live in assisted living.  I had cancer surgery this year and breezed through everything.  Have not had a cold or flu in years.”  —Marcia, Georgia  1/6/20

“Thank goodness for your Triple Flu Defense.”  —Norma, New Jersey  1/2/20

“Thank you from the heart.  Hope all is well and we send best wishes for happy holidays and a good new year.”
—Pat, Minnesota  12/12/19

“I swear by the products.  I sent two bottles (Cold & Sinus Solution and Triple Flu Defense) to my children in college.”  —Ann Marie, New York  12/11/19

“Thank you for the quick response!!  Very impressive.”  —Jane, Virginia  11/29/19

“Your communications are always helpful and gives us good information.”  —Myron, Arkansas  11/26/19

“I’ve had great success, so I’m sticking with it.”  —Lee, California  10/18/18

“Thank you a million times.”  —Polina, New Jersey 10/14/19

I am an RN at a hospital and Triple Flu Defense got me through last season. It made a big difference.”
—Jayne, Washington 9/23/19

“I have been getting Triple Flu Defense for more than 10 years now.  It is wonderful!  I swear by it.”  —Maria, Florida  9/17/19

“I have been using Triple Flu Defense for 5 years.  It works!”  Marilyn, New York  9/9/19

“I love your products, they are great.”  —Jennifer, North Carolina  8/29/19

“I use Triple Flu Defense all the time.  It is really good.”  —Maria,  Florida  7/29/19

“We have been really happy with Triple Flu Defense.”  —Charlene, California  4/30/19

“Our young children got the flu on vacation.  Triple Flu Defense really helped with the duration.  Amazingly, I did not have one symptom!” —Bo, New York  4/25/19 

“It always works for me.  I am 87; I have been using it for years.”  —Marcia, Georgia  4/4/19

“Your products are wonderful.  I trust Dr. Nenninger.”  —Norma, New York  4/2/19

“I woke up feeling like I was hit by a truck.  Even after getting back on my feet, I had  a deep exhausting cough that lasted weeks.  Triple Flu Defense finally turned it around.  Thank you.”  — John,  New York  3/8/19

“I am so happy with your products.”  —Debra, Connecticut  2/8/19

“I give Triple Flu Defense to my kids and husband and take myself. As soon as I started feeling sick I started taking it 3 times a day as recommended and never got any worse. Body aches lasted 2 days and I recovered very quickly!”  —Rachelle,  12/29/18

“Your flu and cold products work very well.  Cold & Sinus Solution is more effective than others I have tried.”  —John, Virginia  1/8/19

“We love all your products!”   —Nancy, Texas  12/10/18

“I believe in the products so badly, I don’t want to be without them.”  —Elizabeth, SVI  11/24/18

“I’ve used it for 4 years now.  I believe in your Flu Defense.”  —Loretta,  Tennessee  11/5/18

“I have been using Triple Flu Defense for 10 years.  It has been a wonderful product.”  —Nancy, Texas  10/18/18

“We have great success with it.”  —Lillian, Texas  10/2/18

“Triple Flu Defense is the best.  It has absolutely helped.  I am pleased with it.”  —Lee, California 9/28/18

“I’m 86; it works for me.  Thank goodness for Dr. Nenninger.”  —Marcia, Georgia  9/24/18

“Thank you so much for your help!  I love your products and look forward to receiving them.”  —Carmen, Washington  9/18/18

“It works pretty good.  I am very happy.”  —Rosemarie,  Florida  9/18/18

“I am 91.  I love your product; it is wonderful.  I swear by it.”  —Norma, New York  9/15/18

“We have had good success with it every year so are looking forward to receiving the product.”  —Michael, Virginia  9/14/18

“Have been using Triple Flu Defense for 5 years now, so far so good.”  —David, New York  9/12/18

“I really love your product.”  —Elizabeth, California  9/10/18

“I have had good success with Triple Flu Defense.”  —Cheryl,  Texas  9/5/18

“I really like it a lot.  My daughter uses it as well.”  —Nancy, New York  9/5/18

“Wonderful!!! My grandkids take it also.”  —Brenda, Michigan 7/25/18

“I had had the flu for 8 days before starting. Within 1 day I feel much better!  —Leslie, Florida  5/16/18

“Love Triple Flu and Allergy! Best on the market. I would buy all your products, they work so well.”  —Dona  4/5/18

“Triple Flu Defense helped a lot through the whole season.  Every time I felt something coming on, it took care of it.”   —Myron,  Arkansas  3/21/18

“Triple Flu Defense kept us healthy this year even with colds.”   —Heather, New Jersey  3/19/18

“I feel your products have worked well especially the flu one.”  —Carole, New Hampshire  3/21/18

“I am 68, and have been using your flu remedy for …five years maybe?  So far, so good.  Keep up the good work!   —Letitia, Vermont  1/23/18

“The associate from Mom’s Organic store recommended me the Triple Flu Defense product 3-4 years ago.  I tried for myself and for my kids.  It works very well.  I am using it all year round.  It also helps with regular colds too, to get well much faster and easier.”  —Svetlana, Maryland  1/18/18

“So many thanks for sharing this product with us.  Thanks from the heart.”  —Pat, Minnesota  1/11/18

“We are in the middle of a flu epidemic here in Texas.  Your product is absolutely helping.”  —Rhonda, Texas  1/9/18

“You guys are wonderful.”  —Dianne, Massachusetts  12/15/17

“I have been taking Triple Flu Defense for many years.  Somehow whenever I feel ill, I take your product and it goes away.”  —Polina, New Jersey  12/10/17

“I never travel without my bottle of Triple Flu Defense!” —Ann, Georgia 12/12/17 

“I have been using Triple Flu Defense for years; it is a lifesaver.”  —Margaret, New York  12/5/17

“Thank you so much for the update. I’m so glad we listened and got our supply early.  Our daughter-in-law had extreme chills, aches, etc.  She took a dose of flu defense, alternated with aconite.  After falling asleep she was much better. Took another dose the next morning and was fine. Today our son, her husband, woke up feeling bad and also felt nauseous.  He took the flu defense and aconite and went to work. His boss sent him home after he saw how sick he was getting.  Son texted me saying he had extreme chills, aches, fever, throwing up. Took another round of remedies and slept all afternoon. Woke up took another round this afternoon. Tonight he’s up with only a little aching.  Both grandsons are taking a preventative dose of flu defense.  I love homeopathy.  Thank you for all you do.”
The Patterson’s,  Tennessee  10/27/17

“My wife and I have been using Dr. Nenninger’s triple flu defense for 2 years now.  We watch as others around us get sick, tired and unmotivated meanwhile we power through the season like nothing happened.  It’s a permanent part of our regime now. “   —Dave,  New York  10/18/17

“I love you guys.  I am very grateful.  Thank you.”  —Pat, Minnesota 10/16/17

“I have been using Triple Flu Defense for 5 years.  I think it’s great.”  —Marilyn,  New York  9/20/17

“I buy your Triple Flu Defense every year for my family.”  —Joni, Colorado  9/19/17

“This is a really great product for me.  I am 85 years old and have been using it for quite a while now.  It works for me.”  —Marcia, Georgia 9/15/17

“Thank you for a lovely product.  It really has helped me.”  —Elizabeth, California  9/15/17

 “Thank you a million times.”  —Polina, New Jersey  9/14/17

“Triple Flu Defense works great.  That’s why I get it year after year.”  —Lee, California  9/14/17

“Triple Flu Defense is an awesome product.  I don’t have a great immune system so your product has really saved me.  Thank you so much!”  —Andrea, Oregon  9/12/17

“My whole family had the flu last year, your product really saved me!”  —Nancy, New York  9/1/17

“After a trip to Canada I came down with the flu.  Triple Flu Defense 2017-2018 worked great!  Back to work in 24 hours.”  —Judy,  New York  8/29/17

“I love your product.  Thank you very much.  God Bless.”  —Barbara, New York  8/24/17

“Triple Flu Defense absolutely saved me from the brink of disaster. Took 7 airplanes in 7 days.  Everyone was sick near me.  Got my TFD and it kept it at bay.  Thank you!”  —Katherine, New York  5/22/17

“I have used the triple flu defense, and it seems to be working.”  —Peggy, Colorado  4/27/17

“I have only used the triple flu defense, and it seems to be working very well.”  Peggy, Colorado  4/27/17

“Your products work great.”  —Brenda, Michigan  4/24/17

“Products are great-use both allergy and flu blend both when sick or too stay healthy.”   4/20/17

“I am 86 years old and have used your products for years and years and years with great success.”  —Shirley, Arkansas  4/8/17

“Has been ordering your products for a few years.  Excellent product and service.  Thank you!”  —Maria, California  4/7/17

“Love your products..”  3/24/17

“Thanks for the flu remedy…have taken it for four or five years… far so good!  Keep up the good work.”  3/24/17

“It works great.  We have been using your flu drops for years.”  —Elizabeth, South Carolina  3/15/17

“We’ve been using your flu drops for years.  They work great. Mostly use flu and now allergy drops.”  —Dana, New York  3/15/17

“I recommend Triple Allergy Defense and give it to all my neighbors.”  —Mary, New Mexico  3/14/17

“Triple Flu Defense works terrific.”  —Charlene,  Connecticut  2/13/17

“Your products work great.”  —Heather, Florida  2/12/17

“The triple flu defense is great! With the onset of my sons flu , I started giving him the defense three times a day.Within 24 hours his 103 temperature was down to 99.9 and his body aches lessened. Within 48 hours his temperature was normal , appetite back, no aches or pains. I recommend the triple flu defense ! Why would anyone chose to poison themselves or their kids when there are natural remedies available.”  —Mary Jane,  Maryland  1/26/17

“I gave Triple Flu Defense to my neighbor who was very sick with the flu and a serious cough.  Within a few days it was over. To watch him heal so fast was outstanding. I tell everyone about your product.”  —Michele, California  1/16/17

“I love your flu products!”  —Sami, New York  1/10/17

“Both the Flu and Allergy Defense work really well for me! I am allergic to eggs so can’t take flu shots.  Love the products. Please don’t ever stop making them!”  —Christy, New Mexico  1/9/17

“Love the products. Please don’t ever stop making them!”  —Christy, New Mexico  1/9/17

“I’ve used your Triple Flu Defense for several years – wouldn’t be without it.”  —Marci, New York  12/28/16

“Thank you very much for your Triple Flu Defense.  I must say, the cold I caught isn’t as bad as it could have been.  I am your biggest fan.”  —Katherine,  New York  12/27/16

“They work great.”  —Katherine, Texas  12/14/16

“I like the product and having good success with it.”  —Marilyn, New York  12/5/16

“The day before Thanksgiving I was in bed with flu symptoms and hosting our first holiday with 20 guests. Triple Flu Defense saved me. It worked so fast and well I was back on my feet the next day. Thank you so much!”   —Stephanie, New York  12/4/16

“Thank you for doing the good work you do; it is much appreciated.”  —Diane, Massachusetts  11/28/16

“Thank you so much for making a product that works so well so naturally.  Please continue the great work currently being done at Nenningers Naturals.  You are a gift to all seeking health the natural way.”   —Arlene,  New York  11/9/16

“Triple Flu Defense has worked very well for me.”  —Arian, South Carolina  10/18/16

“Triple Flu Defense works great.  Looking forward to trying your allergy product.”  —Donald,  Hawaii 10/1/16

“I have been using Triple Flu Defense for years and just love it.”  —Sharon, Virginia  9/30/16

“I have been very pleased with Triple Flu Defense so I’m sticking with it.”  —Lee, California  9/30/16

“We are senior citizens and we travel a lot.  Triple Flu Defense has worked perfect for us.”  —Oscar, Texas  9/30/16

“Triple Flu Defense really does work.  I just would be lost without it.”  —Maria, Georgia  9/30/16

“I have used for years. I believe in them.”   —Tara, New York  9/29/16

“Love the flu defense and cannot wait to see how the allergy formula helps my daughter… her eyes are on fire!”  — Jeannine, Illinois  9/27/16

“I have been using Triple Flu Defense for 5 years and am very happy with it.  I recommend it to everyone.”  —Bob, Florida  9/26/16

“We have only used the flu product and it has been great!  I ordered the allergy drops for the first time, I hope they work as well as the flu!”  —Elizabeth, Massachusetts  9/15/16

“I have purchased Triple Flu Defense for the past several years and it has worked really, really well.”  —Mike, Connecticut  9/14/16

“I look forward to having another successful season with it.  Thank you.”  Lillian, Texas  9/12/16

“Triple Flu has worked very well for us.”  —Billy, Louisiana  8/2/16

“I’ve used these for years!  Love the Flu Defense. It has saved me for several years now…”  —Robert, Ohio   3/29/16

“Have been taking them for a few years now! We just ran out!  Thank you.”  —Jeannine, IL   3/29/16

“Excellent flu and allergy remedies, thank you.”  —Patricia, CA   2/24/16

“I like both products. I wish you could figure out something against colds!”  —Mary, Washington   2/14/16

“Been using triple flu defense for the past 5 or 6 years along with acupunture. Fortunately grew up in a small town, where home remedies “were the norm” . . . Do not believe in flu shots. So far haven’t had one even though primary care doctor/nurses “highly recommend it”. Delighted with your product. Now am ordering the one for allergies.” Maria, California    2/12/16

“Love it.”  —Sandi, Utah  1/17/16

“I have found it (Triple Flu Defense) to be more useful than other remedies.”  —Charlene, Arizona  1/14/16

“Great Product!!!” —Patricia, Indiana  1/12/1

“Used last year with success.  Hopeful this year will bring the same results.” —Carol, New York  12/30/15

“Found out about your products about 4 years ago from the internet.  Have been using and works great for me.”  —Vincent, Illinois  12/21/15

“This is great stuff.  I have used it for 3 years.”  —Margaret, Massachusetts  12/17/15

“Great product!  Thank you.”  —Leslie, Arizona  12/10/15

“I’m looking forward to trying this and hope my husband will take it as well.  Thank you for your work.”  —Kristen, New York  11/19/15

“It works!”  —Linda, California  11/10/15

“I used it for 2 years in a row and it works great for the whole family.”  —Mamadou, Florida  10/30/15

“I love that, I love that, I love that product!  It is a godsend.”  —Robbyne, New York  10/30/15

“I used it for 2 years in a row and it works great for the whole family.”  —Mamadou, Florida  10/30/15

“I feel the Flu Defense does work well.”  Vicki, North Carolina   —10/28/15

“Great product.”  —Greg, Texas  10/28/15

“Two winters ago, my son and I had the flu very badly. His temperature was 104.3 and wouldn’t come down. Tamiflu made him vomit violently and repeatedly. It was too caustic to his system, so I discontinued immediately. Nenningers Naturals Triple Flu Defense was gentle and got us through the frightening episode which nearly required hospitalization.”  —Melissa, Connecticut  10/27/15

“I’ve been using Triple Flu Defense for many years… Total confidence in your product and I’ve shared it with many friends and family. Thank you.”   —Patricia, New Hampshire  10/22/15

“It worked very well.  We are very appreciative.”  —Betty, Florida  10/13/15

“It is my Go To at the first sign of the flu!” — Sandi, Montana  10/12/15

“It has worked fantastic.  I travel a lot on airplanes and it is terrific.  I will buy it forever.”  —Oscar,  Texas  10/12/15

“I’ve been ordering the flu defense for several years now. Thank you!”  —Debra, Washington  10/7/15

“I use it for myself and my son.  It really does help.”  —Carol, Tennessee  10/7/15

“I have used this product for several years with excellent results.”  —George, Florida  10/5/15

“We have used the Triple Flu Defense for at least 3 years and have had wonderful results. I first read about it in an alternative health magazine and later my local natural food store stocked the remedy.”  —Pamela, Massachusetts  10/2/15

“This is our 3rd year using the Triple Flu Defense.  Was at a meeting tonight and heard everyone saying they had to go get their flu shots…all I could think was I needed to get home and order my Triple Flu Defense. Thank you!”  –Jennifer, New York 9/30/15

Been using this for a couple years now and recommend it to my friends. Excellent stuff!  Lee, Florida  9/29/15

“The remedy has always worked very, very well for us during the flu season.”  Mike, Connecticut  9/29/15

“My husband and I have used Triple Flu Defense for 4 years now and I can honestly say it has worked wonderfully for us! 
I am allergic to eggs so I couldn’t take a flu shot and didn’t think I wanted to anyway. I found Triple Flu Defense while looking through a catalog of wonderful natural products. I was excited to try it and I will continue to use it every year. THANK YOU FOR TRIPLE FLU DEFENSE!”  Brenda, California  9/19/15

“This product works great.”  Lynn, Michigan 9/12/15

“Very satisfied with the product in prior use.  I have recommended it to others.”  Jacqueline, Idaho  9/10/15

“Works like a charm!!!  Even if I do become ill, the flu does not last as long and is not as severe. “  Sami, New York  9/10/15

“I love Triple Flu Defense.  It has worked for me every year.”  Patricia, Indiana  9/10/15

“Have ordered previously both Triple Flu and Triple Allergy Defense.  Worked beautifully for me.  Thank you So very much!!!!  Love and abundant blessings to you all!”  —Maria, California  9/9/15

“Used last year.  Loved it.  Thank you.”  —Jeannine, Illinois  9/9/15

“I have been using Triple Flu Defense for years.  Really love it!”  —Robert,  Ohio  9/9/15

“Have ordered Triple Flu Defense before.  Really works.  Very grateful for your excellent product.  Delighted to know you also offer Triple Allergy Defense.”   – Maria, California 2/20/15

“This product works very well, especially if you take it as soon as symptoms begin, but also as a first line of defense.. Thank you for developing it!!  – Mehwish, California 1/30/15

“We love the product.  We tell everyone about it.”  – Joyce, North Carolina 1/25/15

“My families been using it for a few years… so far so good!”   – Ann, Rhode Island  1/6/15

“Have ordered Flu relief for the past 2 years.  Really works!  Also have a bottle on hand.”  – Judy, Pennsylvania  1/6/15

“This product works very well, especially if you take it as soon as symptoms begin, but also as a first line of defense when you believe you have/are being exposed to the flu. Thank you for developing it!!” - Lynn, Arizona 1/30/15

“I have been using the Triple Flu Defense for about 3 years now. Great product!  My husband has allergies so I wanted to try the Allergy Defense…
hopefully it works as well as the Flu Defense! Thank you so much!!”  - Leslie, Arizona 12/10/14

“Thank you so much.  What a blessing to have your product this season for my family.  I appreciate your quick response.”  - Jeannine, Illinois   12/10/14

“I have used Dr. Nenninger’s formulas for years and they are very good.”  – Maria, Florida  11/24/14

“I really like your product and I recommend it to everyone.”  – Lee, Florida  10/23/14

“I use if every year.  It is really awesome.”  -Lee, Florida 10/1/14

“I have ordered for past couple of years.  It has worked out really well.”  – Mike, Connecticut  9/23/14

“I have been using this product for many years!  I am 71 years old and it has gotten me through every Flu season without a problem.  Thank you and God Bless!   – Rocco, New York 9/22/14

“I think it really helped me last year.  It is a great product.”  – Andrea, Oregon 9/18/14

“Found it in a store about 1 ½ hours away & drove to get some.  We are so pleased, we’ve been ordering it ever since.”  – Tracy, Florida  9/9/14

“The products work tremendously!  Love these products!!!  – Hallie, Massachusetts  9/9/14

“I purchased both of your products back in April of this year, when I thought my family had come down with a bad case of the flu. Your remedies gave us much relief and made me feel so much better. I love the allergy formula too, it is now a staple in my routine. Thanks Again.” – Kathleen  Texas  8/11/14

“Been using it for years.  Wonderful stuff.”  – Pat, Maryland  7/7/14

“This is my third order, I love your formulas! I was very sick with the flu, but your triple flu did the trick. I also love your allergy formula, I have had terrible allergies for the past 6 years since I moved to the Houston area, nothing otc or natural has been able to give me the relief that Triple Allergy has given. Thank you!”   – Steve, Texas  5/11/14

“Been using Triple Allergy Defense and Triple Flu Defense for 2 years and love them.”  - Kay, Texas  2/8/14

“Thank you for your wonderful products.”  – Jewel, Michigan  1/23/14
“I have been using Triple Flu Defense for years and really rely on it.  We have been very, very pleased with the product.”  – William, Texas  1/21/14

“Awesome product (Triple Flu Defense), never took something that worked so quickly!”  – Andrea, Oregon   1/9/14

“Thanks so much.  It’s a great product.”  - Diane, New York  12/5/13

“I have been using Triple Flu Defense for 4 years and recommended it to friends.” - Norma, Massachusetts   10/16/13

“It really works!  Ordered last year and will order again and again ……”   - Ann, Rhode Island  10/11/13

“Great product.  I’ve used it for several years.  I am excited to try the allergy relief.”  - Greg, Texas  10/11/13

“Thank you for your products and contacting me with updates.”  - Jewel, Michigan  10/11/13

“Thank you so much for your product!”  - Barbara, Maryland  10/9/13

“I have used your product for the last four years.  I love it and would not want to be without it.  I have recommended it to friends and family.”
- Deborah, Washington 10/7/13

“Thanks for a helpful and necessary product.”  - Susan, New York  10/5/13

“I love Triple Flu Defense; it really helped.”  – Margaret, New York  10/3/13

“Thank you for making this available.  HOMEOPATHY WORKS!”  - Debra, Washington, 10/1/13

“Great stuff.”  - Concetta, New York  10/1/13

“Love this product.”  - Nan, Arizona  9/28/13

“My daughter told me about it.  It’s wonderful.  Used it during the season last year and it helped tremendously.”  - Pat, Maryland  9/23/13

“Your product is fabulous.”  - Catherine, California  9/18/13

“Ordered it last year and appreciate your email reminding me to order for this year.”  - Shirley, Arizona  9/11/13

“This stuff really works!  The whole family uses it.”  - Shannah, New York  9/11/13

“Thanks for a great product that really works.”  - Susan, Michigan   9/11/13

“Amazing …… I have three kids in school and cannot do without it.”  - Monica   8/29/13

“I have been taking it for a couple of years now. I work in a Junior High School & am around kids all day. Triple Flu Defense is a wonderful product!” 

Sharyn, Teacher

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Joann, IT Director

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Anna, Mom & Music Instructor

“Amazing…I have three kids in school and we cannot do without it.”
Monica, Mom

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Christine, Sales Manager

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Herman, CEO

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Eileen, Teacher & Mom

“I got your Triple Flu Defense for the year 2008-2009 and was very pleased. Please let me know when next season’s formula is available.”

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Barbara, Retiree

“Dr. Nenninger, your Triple Flu Defense works great and my son had no reactions. Thank you for your dedication. You are really great.”
Alice, Mom

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Joann, IT Director

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Kay, Texas

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Donna, Florida

“I was amazed at how well it worked.  I definitely want to buy Triple Flu Defense for next season.”
Patricia, Indiana


Store Owners

“Congratulations on a great product.”  —Eric, Innovative Nutrition, New York  12/11/17

“It is a great product.”  Laura, Mom’s Organic Market  8/31/17

“Customers really love it.  They are returning for 2 or 3 bottles.”  —Lizzie’s Herb Shop,  North Carolina  10/8/15

“I swear by it.  I have been using it for years.”  —Body & Soul Day Spa, Massachusetts 9/21/15

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Willimantic Food Coop, Connecticut   12/20/13

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Store Owner, Texas

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Store Owner, Long Island

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Store Owner, Manhattan

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Store Owner, Long Island

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Store Owner, Pennsylvania

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Janet, Merchandising Director