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Customer Reviews

“I have been very happy.  I really appreciate all you do.”  —Diane, Massachusetts  5/11/20

“We think very highly of your products.  We use both the allergy and flu.”  —Victor, New York 4/14/20

“Thank you for the work you do.”  —Tonia, Virginia  3/27/20

“I will soon be 93.  I feel like I owe you a great debt. Thank you.”  —Norma, New Jersey  3/20/20

“Triple Allergy Defense is the only thing that helps my tree allergies.”  —Jacqueline, Maryland 3/5/20

“I cannot tell you how grateful we are for you, your products and all your help.  Have a good day and thanks from the heart.”  —Pat, Minnesota  3/4/20

“Triple Allergy Defense has really kept my allergies at bay.”  —Elyse, Georgia 1/20/20

“It is very bad with ragweed and mold here in Texas.  I’ve been using Triple Allergy Defense for years with great success.  It works really well.”  —Lillian, Texas  10/15/19

“I really appreciate all you do.  Triple Allergy Defense works fantastic.  Thank you.”  —Nancy,  New York  10/9/19

“I love your products, they are great.”  —Jennifer, North Carolina  8/29/19

“My wife was very impressed with the first formula she tried and we are now reordering.”  —Rafael, New Jersey 7/18/19

“I use Triple Allergy Relief myself and recommend it to my patients.”  —Karen,  New York  6/17/19

“I’ve been taking Triple Allergy Defense for a few years now.  It works fantastically.  Happy to stock up!” —Elaine, Florida  5/17/19

“A friend of mine gave me a bottle of Triple Allergy Defense.  It helped me throughout the allergy season.”— Jacqueline, Maryland  5/8/19

“Triple Allergy Defense has worked great for an annoying post-nasal drip that requires me to continually clear my throat.  Thank you for the relief.”  —Eleanor, Rhode Island  4/2/19

“Triple Allergy Defense really works.  It doesn’t make you drowsy.” —Mary, New Mexico  4/25/19

“Your products are wonderful.  I trust Dr. Nenninger.”  —Norma, New York  4/2/19

“Triple Allergy Defense is very good; it has helped me a lot.  It is the only thing that works for my allergies.”  —Blanca,  New Jersey  2/8/19

“I am so happy with your products.”  —Debra, Connecticut  2/8/19

“We love all your products!”   —Nancy, Texas  12/10/18

“Triple Allergy Defense is great for indoor winter allergies like dust and Christmas trees.”   —Debra,  Connecticut  11/28/18

“I believe in the products so badly, I don’t want to be without them.”  —Elizabeth, SVI  11/24/18

“Triple Allergy Defense is wonderful.  It really helps me.”  —Audrey, Arizona  5/12/18

“I have nothing but great responses from everyone.”  —Bo, It’s Only Natural @ Bellport, New York  5/10/18

“I always use Triple Allergy Defense in the spring. It’s a great product that provides quick relief and is safe to use. A household must have!!”  —Dean, New York  5/8/18

“Love Triple Flu and Allergy!  Best on the market.  I would buy all your products, they work so well.”  —Dona  4/5/18

“Triple Allergy Defense has stopped those tree allergies real well.”  —Shirley, Kansas  1/4/18

“You guys are wonderful.”  —Dianne, Massachusetts  12/15/17

“We have allergies all year in New Mexico. Triple Allergy Defense is very effective.  Your product works!”   —Mary, New Mexico  12/29/17

“Triple Allergy Defense has worked very well.”  —Alyssa, Montana  10/7/17

“I found the Triple Allergy Defense formula very effective.”  —Suzanne, Colorado    9/26/17

“I really like your product.”  —Laura, Mom’s Organic Market  7/19/17 

“I have never found anything that works.  Triple Allergy Defense has been great!”  —Judith, Washington  7/13/17

“Your products work great.”  —Brenda, Michigan  4/24/17

“Products are great-use both allergy and flu blend both when sick or too stay healthy.”   —4/20/17

“I am 86 years old and have used your products for years and years and years with great success.”  —Shirley, Arkansas  4/8/17

“Excellent product and service.  Thank you!  —Maria, California  4/7/17

“Has been ordering your products for a few years.  Excellent product and service.  Thank you!”  —Maria, California  4/7/17

“I think your homeopathic products are the best.”  —Jonathan Holasek, LAc  3/24/17

“Love your products..”  —3/24/17

“We’ve been using your flu drops for years.  They work great. Mostly use flu and now allergy drops.”  —Dana, New York  3/15/17

“Your products work great.”  —Heather, Florida  2/12/17

“Love the products. Please don’t ever stop making them!”  —Christy, New Mexico  1/9/17

“Both the Flu and Allergy Defense work really well for me! I am allergic to eggs so can’t take flu shots.  Love the products. Please don’t ever stop making them!”  —Christy, New Mexico  1/9/17

“They work great.”  —Katherine, Texas  12/14/16 

“Thank you so much for making a product that works so well so naturally.  Please continue the great work currently being done at Nenningers Naturals.  You are a gift to all seeking health the natural way.”   —Arlene,  New York  11/9/16

“I have used for years. I believe in them.”   —Tara, New York  9/29/16

“The only natural allergy remedy that works for me!”  —Jill, Massachusetts  7/25/16

“I am having great success with Triple Allergy Defense.  I would be miserable without it.”   —Kathleen, Wisconsin  7/19/16

“This was the first year I tried the triple allergy relief drops and it’s worked exceptionally well. I’m totally satisfied with the absence of allergy symptoms and the relief and the pace of mind that it has given me.”   —Salome, Virginia   5/1/16

“Use it regularly. Defiinitely a family staple.” —Judy, Pennsylvania 4/21/16

“I have been using this for my kids and it works very well. Even my husband starts using and it works for me as well. He has really bad allergy at this time, and always has used over the counter medication, not anymore. It makes me really happy he got convinced by Triple Allergy Defense:)”  —Katarzyna, Connecticut   4/20/16

‘I like the product, it helps.”  —Pallavi, Florida  4/17/16

“I suffer from severely itchy throat (upper mouth) during the spring allergy season and this drop stops the itchiness like no other. Thank you for making something that actually works!”   —Min,  California  3/26/16 

“Excellent flu and allergy remedies, thank you.”  —Patricia, California  2/24/16 

“I like both products. I wish you could figure out something against colds!”   —Mary, Washington  2/14/16

“I have had very bad allergies for years and nothing has worked.  Triple Allergy Defense works very well for tree allergies.”  —Shirley, Kansas  2/3/16

“Triple Allergy Defense helps control my child’s allergies.  We like this product.”  —Jill, Iowa 1/12/16

“My friend recommended the flu defense, but then I saw the allergy medicine too and thought that would be great.”  —Susan, Rhode Island  12/22/15

“My allergies have not gone away but they have subsided.”  —Sharon, Florida  10/13/15

“Triple Allergy Defense works very well so I am trying out the Triple Flu Defense also.  Thank you for great and safe products.”  —Christy, New Mexico  9/19/15

“Have ordered previously both Triple Flu and Triple Allergy Defense.  Worked beautifully for me.  Thank you So very much!!!!  Love and abundant blessings to you all!”  —Maria, California  9/9/15

“I depend on it to get me through the day.”  —Edna, New York  7/13/15

“I have used this last year and am ordering it again now that seasonal allergies are beginning.”  – Christine, Connecticut 4/22/15

“I couldn’t believe how fast it (Triple Allergy Defense) worked!”  – Sharon, California  4/10/15

“We have gotten great feedback from customers this season.”  – Fairborn Natural Foods, Fairborn, Ohio  2/3/15

“It is a wonderful product.  It really helps with symptoms.”  Carol, Tennessee  1/7/15

“I have been using Triple Flu for 3 years. I tried the Allergy Defense but did not get results.”  – Vincent, Illinois  11/18/14

“Steve has been my doctor for probably close to twenty years. Last year, I had symptoms of feeling drowsy and achy at the start of the spring season and Steve recommended his Triple Allergy Defense. Within days, my symptoms subsided. I am now ordering for the 2015 spring season because already the drowsy symptoms are coming on…  Hi, Steve! Thanks! “
– Jennifer, New York 3/23/15

“I love the Allergy Relief, it has really helped me.”  – Eleanor, Texas  10/16/14

“I love this stuff and so need it!”  – Kathleen, Texas 9/23/14

“The products work tremendously!  Love these products!!!  – Hallie, Massachusetts  9/9/14

“Have been used for a couple of months and really like it.”  – Carol, Tennessee 8/12/14

“I purchased both of your products back in April of this year, when I thought my family had come down with a bad case of the flu. Your remedies gave us much relief and made me feel so much better. I love the allergy formula too, it is now a staple in my routine. Thanks Again.”
– Kathleen  Texas  8/11/14

“Really did help me.”  – Lillian, Texas  8/6/14

“Looking forward to trying out product as none of prescribed or OTC has been helping.”  – Marlena, New York 7/15/14

“I will give it a try, sounds too good to be true.  My friend says it has helped her.”  – Beatrice, Florida 7/10/14

“This is my third order, I love your formulas! I was very sick with the flu, but your triple flu did the trick. I also love your allergy formula, I have had terrible allergies for the past 6 years since I moved to the Houston area, nothing otc or natural has been able to give me the relief that Triple Allergy has given. Thank you!”
–Steve, Texas  5/11/14

“The results are pretty immediate – you can tell within minutes that it’s helping.”
- Dr. Doni Wilson, ND  4/18/14

“Thank you for creating such a user-friendly remedy for my allergies with no bad side effects.  It keeps my head clear and symptom free.”  - Darlene, New York  3/29/14

“I use Triple Allergy Defense in the morning when I wake up and feel stuffy. It relieves that heavy feeling in my sinuses. I get relief within an hour or so of using the product.  I can’t do without it!”
- Theresa,  New York  3/12/14

“Been using Triple Allergy Defense and Triple Flu Defense for 2 years and love them.”  – Kay, Texas  2/8/14

“Thank you for your wonderful products.”  - Jewel, Michigan  1/23/14

“Very pleased with Triple Allergy Defense.  It has helped with watery eyes and stuffy nose.”  - William, Texas  1/21/14

“It has really helped my grandson with seasonal and dust allergies.”  – Karen, Pennsylvania   12/4/13
“Thank you for making such a quality product.  Best regards.”  – Nikol, New York  11/28/13

“”I have been using Triple Flu Defense for 4 years now with great results.  I have been bothered by seasonal allergies and have decided to try the allergy product as well.”  - Priscilla, Massachusetts  9/10/13

“The store owner tried Triple Allergy Defense and loved it!” – Edson Farms Natural Foods, Michigan

“Prior to trying your Triple Allergy Defense product, I was somewhat skeptical….(of “natural remedies”) However, I reached a point where I was tired of taking “drugs” that, most of the time, made me sleepy or lethargic. After the third day I was beginning to feel relief from my seasonal allergy symptoms….my eyes did not itch, and the runny nose and sneezing were nearly gone… I am becoming a convert !” – George, New York

“An absolute winner!!!”  —Innovative Nutrition, New York

“As an avid user of Triple Flu Defense, I was very excited to hear Dr. Nenninger was developing an allergy remedy.  As I suffer with year-long indoor and outdoor allergies, I was really looking forward to it.  What a difference it has made with my allergies; no more itchy, burning, watery eyes, no more sneezing or coughing.  I also noticed when I clean the house I don’t sneeze anymore.  I highly recommend Triple Allergy Defense!”   —Linda, New York

“Getting good feedback on Triple Allergy Defense, including the doctor herself.  It is flying off the shelf!”  —Naturopathic Family Medicine & Nutrition Center, Connecticut

“Triple Allergy Defense is working well, especially with itchy, burning eyes and nose.  I definitely will be purchasing it again.”  —Matt, New York

“I have early feedback from two customers.  A woman saw a huge difference in her young son’s symptoms.  Another adult with year-round allergy symptoms is having great relief.”  —St. James Nutrition, New York

“We love your products.  The allergy remedy works fast and it’s lasting.  It’s an ideal family choice because for the price the whole family can use the many doses.”
Stephen, Virginia