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Customer Reviews


“I have been very happy.  I really appreciate all you do.”  —Diane, Massachusetts  5/11/20

“Thank you for the work you do.”  —Tonia, Virginia  3/27/20

“I will soon be 93.  I feel like I owe you a great debt. Thank you.”  —Norma, New Jersey  3/20/20

“I cannot tell you how grateful we are for you, your products and all your help.  Have a good day and thanks from the heart.”  —Pat, Minnesota  3/4/20

“I am 88 years and live in assisted living.  I had cancer surgery this year and breezed through everything.  Have not had a cold or flu in years.”  —Marcia, Georgia  1/6/20

“I swear by the products.  I sent two bottles (Cold & Sinus Solution and Triple Flu Defense) to my children in college.”
—Ann Marie, New York  12/11/19

“Bought Cold and Sinus soln once. Worked well but then I have allergy issues so that one didn’t work fully especially with my nasal congestion that happens mostly when I am at home. Not sure if it is dust or if there is any food allergy also.”
—Christy, New Mexico  11/30/19

“Your communications are always helpful and gives us good information.”  Myron, Arkansas  11/26/19“My daughter uses
Cold & Sinus Solution.  She really likes it.”
—Barbara,  New York  10/8/19

“I love your products, they are great.”  —Jennifer, North Carolina  8/29/19

“People are really liking it.”  —Karen,  New York  8/29/19

“Cold & Sinus Solution is fantastic.  It has helped with congestion, nasal drip and cough, especially at night.  I sleep like a baby.”  —Jim, North Carolina  7/26/19

“This product relieves my painful sinus headaches.  It is now a regular staple to support my wellness.  It really works.”  —Meena, New York  7/21/19

“Your products are wonderful.  I trust Dr. Nenninger.”  —Norma, New York  4/2/19

“Cold & Sinus is a great product.  Just bought it for my son and it is working.”  —Jane, New York  3/12/19

“I am so happy with your products.”  —Debra, Connecticut  2/8/19

“It really works!”  Dora, Healthy Foods  —Milford, CT 1/24/19

“Cold & Sinus Solution really works.  I suffer from chronic sinusitis, this was.
the one time. I didn’t get a sinus infection.” —Jill, New York  1/16/19

“Cold & Sinus Solution is awesome!  I have been around a ton of sick family and
every time I feel something coming on, it has stopped it immediately.”
—Ahene, Washington D.C. 1/11/19

“Customers are loving it.  It works well no matter the age.”
—Alive Naturally   Monroe, Michigan  1/9/19

“It knocked the cold out in one day!”  —Alice, Ohio  1/9/19

“Your flu and cold products work very well.  Cold & Sinus Solution
is more effective than others I have tried.”  —John, Virginia  1/8/19

“We love your Cold & Sinus Solution.  Thank you for making it.”
—Lizzie’s Herb Shop  Kernersville, North Carolina  1/2/19

“I am excited to try your new Cold & Sinus product.”
—Dr. Nash  New Haven, CT  12/31/18

“I was mostly better after one day and 100% better in two days.
Cold & Sinus Solution is amazing.”  —Richard, New York  12/17/18

“We love all your products!”   —Nancy, Texas  12/10/18

“We are getting really good feedback from customers on Cold & Sinus Solution.”
—Bo, It’s Only Natural, New York  12/7/18

“I suffer from chronic sinusitis. It has definitely helped.”
—Allison, North Carolina  10/31/18

“I really, really like this new product a lot.  It helped me with
cold symptoms.  It is a great product.”
—Jan from The Health Junction, New York  10/30/18

“Thanks for sharing the Cold formula with me. Yesterday I was really
drippy and had a headache between my eyes. Today I totally feel so
much better!” —Laura, New York 10/26/18

“I have been a customer of Nenningers Naturals since 2008.  I have been
using both the flu and allergy products over the years.  I can’t tell you
how happy and excited I was to find out there was another product that
I could use. My husband gets a yearly Fall cold.  I always seem to catch
his cold, that lasts for up to 2 weeks.  Coughing, hacking, nose blowing,
headache, sleepless nights.  I was so happy to have Cold & Sinus Solution
on hand.  In 2 days my cold was totally GONE, while my husband’s lasted
two weeks.  I encouraged him to take it but being older he refused.
Cold & Sinus Solution really works!  I highly recommend it.”
—Linda, New York   10/17/18

“Thank you so much for your help!  I love your products
and look forward to receiving them.”
—Carmen, Washington  9/18/18

“Cleared up my stuffy nose almost immediately.”
—Sebastian, NY 6/12/18