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An unusual beginning to the flu season, with 3 viruses – H1N1, H3N2, B/Victoria -  all co-circulating at this time with the predominant strain varying by region.  These 3 strains impact age groups differently resulting in influenza cases from young children to the elderly.  The south and west are seeing high levels of influenza first with widespread activity now reported in Alabama, California, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada and North Carolina.

Spending more time indoors as the seasons change and partaking in holiday gatherings, puts us in direct contact with cold viruses.  To help ward off the common cold, learn more from our latest blog.

“I really appreciate all you do.  Triple Allergy Defense works fantastic.  Thank you.”  –Nancy,  New York  10/9/19

“I have been getting Triple Flu Defense for more than 10 years now.  It is wonderful!.  I swear by it.”  –Maria, Florida  9/17/19 

  “Cold & Sinus Solution is fantastic.  It has helped with congestion, nasal drip and cough, especially at night.  I sleep like a baby.” —Jim, North Carolina 7/26/19