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The flu season “officially” began October 1st and is off to an early start. Symptoms reported for these early cases of influenza are intermittent fever, burning sore throat, chest and nasal congestion, deep cough and exhaustion. Learn more from our latest blog

Ragweed is a key cause of autumn allergy symptoms. Common ragweed, also known as Ambrosia artemisiafolia, is an important remedy found in Triple Allergy Defense. Read more at Ragweed Remedy. Special offer for Triple Allergy Defense

“I really appreciate all you do.  Triple Allergy Defense works fantastic.  Thank you.”  –Nancy,  New York  10/9/19

“I have been getting Triple Flu Defense for more than 10 years now.  It is wonderful!.  I swear by it.”  –Maria, Florida  9/17/19 

  “Cold & Sinus Solution is fantastic.  It has helped with congestion, nasal drip and cough, especially at night.  I sleep like a baby.” —Jim, North Carolina 7/26/19