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Triple Flu Defense 2019-2020 is NOW available!  The formula has been updated with 5 new remedies to best fight the coming season’s respiratory and stomach flu.

Ragweed is a major trigger for late summer and autumn allergy symptoms. Common ragweed, also known as Ambrosia artemisiafolia, is an important remedy in Triple Allergy Defense. Learn more at Ragweed Remedy. Special offer for Triple Allergy Defense

Summer cold or allergies?  It can be challenging to tell the difference. To choose the best treatment, read more at our blog

“Love Triple Flu Defense, been using it for 4 years.” —Sheryl, Georgia 8/7/19

“We use Triple Flu Defense seasonally and have had good results.  Allergy defense has proved beneficial as well.” —Tom, Pennsylvania 7/31/19 

  “Cold & Sinus Solution is fantastic.  It has helped with congestion, nasal drip and cough, especially at night.  I sleep like a baby.” —Jim, North Carolina 7/26/19