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Influenza in the U.S. is on the rise for the fourth consecutive week signifying that despite an early start we are from the end of the flu season.  Widespread flu activity is reported in 48 states and Puerto Rico.  H1N1 is the predominant strain at this time, though Influenza B is still very active.  Hospitalizations rates continue to increase, however, overall about average compared to other seasons.

Seasonal allergies have begun in the South.  High tree pollen levels cover the state of Florida, southern border states and coastal California.  Houston, Texas is the current hot spot for high pollen counts.

The cold and flu season is at peak levels. Take advantage of our discounted Cold and Flu Pack!

“I’ve used Triple Flu Defense for many years. Love it!” —Jennifer, North Carolina  1/20/20

“Triple Allergy Defense has really kept my allergies at bay.”  —Elyse, Georgia 1/20/20

“I have been using your products for years.  Thank goodness you are around.”  —Hilda, Florida  1/14/20