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The 2018-2019 flu season is ending up to be one the of longest on record.  A key reason for the season’s length is a second wave of H3N2-predominant activity that is expected to continue for a number of weeks.  Read more on our latest blog Flu Season Rolls On.

Tree pollen levels are at high across the entire central U.S., from the east to west coast. Grass pollen is at peak levels along the southern border states and moving northward. Hot spots for pollen right now are Tulsa Oklahoma, Dallas Texas, Springfield New Jersey and Kansas City Kansas. Special Offer for Triple Allergy Defense

Suffering from sinusitis or the common cold? Customers love our NEW Cold & Sinus Solution for fast-acting, non-drowsy relief. Introductory price of $23.95. See Customer Reviews

“Triple Allergy Defense has worked great for an annoying post-nasal drip that requires me to continually clear my throat.  Thank you for the relief.”  — Eleanor, Rhode Island  4/2/19

“Cold & Sinus is a great product.  Just bought it for my son and it is working.”  —Jane, New York 3/12/19 

“I woke up feeling like I was hit by a truck.  Even after getting back on my feet, I had  a deep exhausting cough that lasted weeks.  Triple Flu Defense finally turned it around.  Thank you.”   —John,  New York  3/8/19